We believe the best investment outcomes are achieved through a dedicated focus.


Focused on
Uncorrelated Assets

Life settlements and longevity-contingent assets, when properly diversified, offer compelling risk-adjusted and uncorrelated returns.


$20 trillion

of existing life insurance policies in U.S.


$900 billion

in lapses every year

Downside protection and mitigating risk

We seek to achieve these objectives through taking a value-oriented approach to underwriting and through creating a diversified pool of exposures where actuarial forecasts can be applied with relatively high degrees of confidence.

How It Works

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Sourcing
    & Tertiary Markets)
  • Pricing
  • Due
  • Closing
  • Servicing & Collections
  • Risk Analytics & Stress Testing

Vida Capital +
Magna Life Settlements

Vida Capital plus Magna Settlements

Vida is vertically integrated with Magna Life Settlements, one of the largest licensed life settlement providers in the industry.

Why It Matters

Broad Access

Magna is licensed or qualified to transact in all 50 U.S. states

Robust Due Diligence

Magna’s stringent anti-fraud and compliance program is led by a deep-bench of attorneys and paralegals.

No Outsourcing

Magna performs all critical sourcing, origination, due diligence, and servicing functions in-house providing confidence to Vida and its investors that each policy is thoroughly analyzed and vetted prior to its acquisition.

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