Capital for life
Alternative Investment Strategies
Vida Capital specializes in an emerging asset class:
Longevity Contingent Assets

Vida Capital ("Vida") is a vertically integrated asset management company providing longevity contingent investment solutions to investors.  Vida was formed and funded in 2009 by Jeff Serra and Austin Ventures, a venture capital firm with approximately $4 billion of assets under management.  Vida specializes in the structuring, servicing, financing and management of life settlement funds, asset-backed securities, and customized portfolios. 

Vida's value proposition includes vertical integration, an established institutional banking network, and a 
management team with over 60 years of capital markets and insurance industry experience.  Our structure allows us to align our interests with those of our partners while maintaining transparency, risk management and process control.  

Vida's investment strategy is focused on 
life settlements and other longevity contingent assets, including longevity joint ventures, micro and macro longevity notes and long and short synthetic longevity instruments. We have the expertise, resources and backing to construct and manage customized funds and portfolios for high net worth clients and institutions, to whom we provide a full suite of services, including: portfolio construction, risk modeling, origination, administration and servicing and tracking. In addition, we offer a wide range of custom-portfolio structuring options catered to our clients' needs, from standard, non-leveraged U.S.-domiciled portfolios to tax-efficient leveraged portfolios in Luxembourg.   

Our portfolio construction begins with acquiring life settlement assets pursuant to a due diligence process.  For Life Settlements, this is typically done by "Originators" or "
Life Settlement Providers" - licensed and regulated companies that facilitate the sale of policies to investors.  Through our acquisition of Magna Life Settlements, Inc. - a fully licensed and regulated Provider - we are able to purchase life settlement assets in strict adherence with state and federal laws while remaining compliant with internal due diligence and quality assurance processes.  

At Vida, we are in it for the long haul; we are committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and regulatory compliance.  Each life settlement asset is valued by an independent actuary (
Lewis & Ellis) and each of our Funds are audited by an independent third party (Ernst & Young).  We firmly believe that our alignment of interests, strength of management and vertical integration have laid the foundation for the organization's success while providing a clear value proposition to our investors.